Top Exercises For A Stiff Neck

Top Exercises For A Stiff Neck

Your neck health can dictate how well you feel and even your quality of sleep. More and more individuals are experiencing neck troubles [ 1] This is likely due to the rise in usage of mobile devices and spending more time being in an unnatural position at a desk. Neck pain does not have to destroy your everyday life or movement. With the everyday implementation of effective neck workouts, you should be able to fend off issues related to a stiff neck. In this post, we will be going over a few of the top workouts you can include into your every day life to try to rid yourself of a stiff neck.

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Stiff Neck Exercises:

1. Loosening Your Shoulders

One of the things that can result in having a stiff neck is having tense shoulders. This can lead to having stiff shoulders which can pull on your neck muscles and lead to a stiff neck and basic neck pain. By loosing up your shoulders, you will be able to lessen the stress positioned on your lower neck.

2. Complete Neck Flexes

You will want to stretch out your neck muscles as well. When doing this exercise, be careful not to jerk your head in abrupt movements. You want to do it intentionally however with care. To perform this workout, stand directly. From there, you will want to begin to tilt your head forward and move your neck in a circular movement. Throughout the whole workout, you should feel a stretch in the base of your neck. When you reach the other side, continue utilizing the exact same motion the opposite way. This will enable you to get a complete series of motion stretch on your neck which can assist loosen it up if you slept on it incorrect.

3. Complete Neck Stretch

This is another great workout you can do when you are looking to minimize stiffness from your neck. Put your head in a forward position and see if the back of your head is touching the wall. Lift your head as if it is being pulled by a string in the back.

4. Neck Extensions

You will desire to try to do neck extensions to flex the neck backwards. This will assist to provide your neck a good stretch on the front throughout the throat location.

Overall, a lot of people are suffering from neck pain and associated sensations of having a stiff neck. By integrating these workouts into your day-to-day life, you must be able to enhance any associated feelings of neck tightness or discomfort.